#1 The Easiest Income We Have Ever Made! - FORSAGE!

This is the most exciting, lucrative, and secure business that you will ever join! Lots of Spillover for you with our team! The internet has many scams regarding cryptocurrency. Projects come and go, people invest their hard earned cash into a Crypto project that promised them some big returns on their investment... And then the projects closes down, disappearing with members funds. We have seen it happen over and over again.. and we don't want it to happen to you. The reason the projects closes down is because they are CENTRALIZED. Meaning, you do not control your Crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.). This program is a decentralized smart contract, it's written and coded so it doesn't touch any members Crypto at all. Your Crypto is your Crypto. NO chance of being scammed... Which is awesome because you want to build an income that you can rely on to give you passive income for months to come... A lot of people don't understand fully what decentralized Ethereum smart contracts are and why they are so awesome to earn Crypto with it.

Maybe you just have $50 to start earning with a project and you really want to turn it into $1000 or $10,000's and we have found how to help you... It's a really simple yet very powerful and effective project! And ALL the income is 100% coming to the members in instant payout to their wallet. The project creators don't take and don't keep any income at all so the project will be going on for the long term on autopilot. This project is on a Ethereum (ETH) Smart Contact. You can make 10 ETH, 100ETH, 1000 ETH or 2000ETH or more. It's a really brilliant and genius plan that is very simple, and and it works! And you can get started with just a small investment. We recommend to start and get 3 slots in Forsage X3 and 3 slots in Forsage X4 matrixes. We can definitely see how fast we are earning Ethereum and how fast other people are making incredible income with this as our team is so powerful together and we all get spillover to help build your matrixes. I'm so excited because we finally found an awesome way to help people start earning a big income while starting with a very small capital! You can accumulate Ethereum and hold it as the price goes up. You can exchange it into Bitcoin if you want. You can cash it into US Dollars or whatever your currency may be. 

 We have complete info available below.


#2 High Mining

High Mining is a cryptocurrency cloud mining (Bitcoin) platform. Cloud Mining enable users to mine bitcoins or alternative cryptocurrencies without managing a hardware. High Mining has invested its assets into mining cryptocurrency. High Mining has started to cooperate with bitcoin mining farms in countries whose electricity and maintenance prices are lower than those of European counties.











$20 Minimum Investment. $5 Minimum Withdrawal. Friendly customer service and Highly Recommended… 100% LEGIT and paying out. We just sit back and relax and watch it without doing a thing. With all the scams, High Mining continues to gain its customers trust. It believes that their trust is its biggest asset. Just check out the opportunity below.

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